Little Fish in a Big Sea

I love being a Reading Specialist! I have been venturing through the sea of Education in Kindergarten, First Grade, and as a K-12 Reading Specialist for close to 30 years and my passion has never faltered.

Professional development, books, conventions, or classes have never left me disappointed and have keep me questioning and learning.   But this has always been solo not in collaboration with another. I decided that I needed to change things up and broaden my horizons.

So I started with Twitter in May of 2014, but I joined years before. Twitter always intimidated me until I thought, “I need to have a PLN”.  So, I went deeper into education, but I got discouraged often thinking this is just like high school with the clicks. The jocks are here, the nerds are over there.   Well, I went the route of the nerds, the Nerdy Book Club, which led me to chats and other people to follow.

I began to get my feet under me, but then there was always a slip.

“Oh my gosh, I sound like a fool.”

“I can’t believe I made that grammatical error.”

“My God! What was I thinking!”

In my mind, I was the one that made the reader would roll their eyes.

Through Twitter I had books recommendations, professional and personal, for my summer enjoyment. I read Meenoo Rami’s Thrive, Jennifer Serravallo’s The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook K-2. My knowledge grows and changes. It changes through exposure to ideas, apps and sites that I never knew about. Symbaloo. Evernote—to me it was the elephant app. Plus I was learning of the advantages of Google. All this brought me into the present and future of education. It is a new section of the sea for me to swim in and I am excited, but yet I feel I am in strange waters.

My summer exploration has brought me to a place of jealousy. I am jealous of the younger teachers and their technological knowledge. It comforts me in a way that I know students are in good hands and also that the future of education is in good hands. But, jealousy creeps up because they will last longer than me in this amazing sea of education.

A tiny fish is the sea of education where I have been swimming for close to 30 years. I love this world! I was so comfortable in my space, but now I am approaching new depths. So I hope you join me as I navigate the new waters of education, which are filled with young impressive fish.

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