Sinking Deeper

I have entered the waters of Web 2.0. I never knew I was in Web 1.0, but now, look out! By creating this blog and participating in twitter chats, I have upgraded myself as an educator. This is a brave new world, Aldous.

I was never good at taking risks or exposing myself and I believe I am still not. But, I feel a desire to become a Connected Learner in order to learn and improve myself as a teacher. This month is Connected Educator Month, so what better time to bring myself out from behind the classroom door where life is so comfortable. I was achieving my masters and applying what I learned without leaving my depths.

Then, along came the Internet where I became solely a consumer. It served my purposes, but as the Internet grew, I did not. I was uncomfortable with the navigation. Through classes and conferences, I realized that I needed to become a connected learner, which will lead me into the brave new waters of being a connected educator.

Now, I am learning from many sources how to connect to other educators and contributing to the conversations. I do tend to question my participation and doubt myself, but that is who I am. However, I am jumping into the waves. And, this week, I navigated through Evernote, Symbaloo, and Smore. Each month, I intend to create resources and recording for the students and parents through these sources. I really like the online newsletter. It is a simple way to keep contact with the parents.

Now, comes a greater dive. I need to accept feedback from others in the education world. The plan is to send my blog to others on Twitter and receive some criticism. As teachers, criticism is not always easy to accept. We are not that far from our students. Are we?

One thought on “Sinking Deeper

  1. Paula Strozyk

    Congratulations on your first dip into blogging! Love your theme!

    You have explored some big risk taking in these first two entries! Will be following to see where these dives take you! Like you, am one of those who has been around this sea for awhile. We need to continue to learn and grow–take risks with our practice.

    Thank you for sharing your voyage! Looking forward to reading more!



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