Constantly Learning

I was going to write about how my pace has slowed down.  Let’s just say I “hit the wall”.

It is not lack of ideas; it is the world of teaching where I have been consumed by other projects.  That is one hindrance for a teacher.  There is always change and challenges, but we are easily diverted or choose to spend time on that diversion.  Just like the students, but we choose to call it procrastination.  Being an adult, it is a diversion.

Anyway, I visited Twitter and came across a tweet from Pernille Ripp about her new post.  Since I do visit her blog weekly, I went right to her site and came across my subject, my re-focusing.  Here is a link to her blog:

I just completed what I thought was a version of a classroom blog.  I set up a blog specifically for my students.  They can participate with the post through comments after reading my directive.  I was so proud of this as a sent out the blog to my recipients.  But therein lies the rub.  I am directing, controlling the blog.

Then, I read Pernille Ripp’s blog and thought, “Oh my, I have it all wrong!”.  The blog I created for the student’s is not meaningful.  I choose to control the blog as opposed to letting my students enter their work, their thoughts, which a blog should be.  A blog gives a person a voice and my struggling readers need their voice.

So now, this leads me to the drawing board again.  It just shows how we are constantly learning through reading and interacting with others.  I am becoming a Connected Learner.  I think?


One thought on “Constantly Learning

  1. Pernille Ripp

    Yes, you are! And by pulling back on your control, which trust me can be so scary, you are also helping your students become connected learners! Thank you so much for reading my blog.



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