HELP! (I am not drowning, yet! At least I don’t think so.)

I was on a Twitter Chat this past week and I came across some new sites to help with record keeping.  This is the tweet that was posted:

“A3: I’m seeing BrightLoop, Evernote, Confer, KustomNote, & GoogleDocs being thrown out. Any other tech suggestions for this? “.

This tweet led me to investigate the other options out there.  I am somewhat familiar with Google Docs and I have already started using Evernote.  Currently, I am only recording the student’s reading to monitor their fluency.  I have not expanded into other areas yet.

I then looked up Confer, KustomNote, and BrightLoop.  BrightLoop intrigued me.  So, what I ask for is input.  Who uses these sites and how successful are they?  I am looking for stories of success and disappointment to help me in my research.

The internet is wonderful, but without help from other colleagues I do not know if I can stay afloat.

Please share!

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