To blog or not to blog?

I came across a blog post through a tweet that provided some insight.  The link was provided and I am always looking for something good to read.  When I read, I read deeply to gain a connection and an understanding.  The article must reach me and this one did.

Here is a quote from Steven Wheeler’s blog that struck me:

     “I write because in the act of writing, I am written. In Daniel Chandler‘s terms, it is about      constructing meaning, discovering and drawing out your internal thoughts, and externalising them in prose. He says: “The experience of ‘discovery’ in writing may sometimes represent having found a way to make one’s ideas coherent.” In effect, as I write, I create concrete meaning from my abstract thoughts. Also, because the blog is public, I write for an audience. My writing has become a social act. As I learn my thoughts, I share them with you.”

I have often questioned as to why I am blogging or tweeting.  I know it is due to a desire for knowledge, but it is truly the connections, the feedback even though I may comes across stumbling blocks.

However, due to this article I realized that that is not the focus of my blog, I am using it to discover myself as a writer and a teacher.  I need to express myself and organize my thoughts in regards to teaching.  Through blogging and Twitter I am gaining so much knowledge even though at times I feel as a voyeur.  Now, I am feeling as if I am discovering so much and wish to share it with others in education.  There are so many teachers out there just thinking and feeling the same as me.

While watching Aaron Sorkin’s  “Newsroom” on HBO an ‘aha’ moment crept up.  The one character posted a tweet which was inappropriate as a journalist and regrettable.  She deleted it about a half hour after posting, but it was picked up and then led to her dismissal.  When asked why she posted the tweet her reply was for the RT (re-tweets).

This led me to question if that the purpose of Twitter?  To see how many RT’s you get.  I have participated in chats and I honestly must admit that I await anxiously for a RT.  I even look to see is anyone responds or RT my post.  So, is this a good thing or not?  Is this what it is all about?

I am going to continue using Twitter for to learn.  If I make the connections wonderful, if not then I am okay as well because the bottom line is seeking knowledge to make myself a better educator.

I also will continue blogging if only for myself as a writer and a teacher.  It will help me develop an identity and focus as an educator.

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