A Snail’s Pace

The cold is beginning to settle in.  I am feeling it in my bones and am moving as slow as molasses in regards to blogging.  I have even also adjusted my rate in achieving my use of technology with teaching and communicating with the parents. 


When I started this year I was going full steam ahead.  Evernote, blogging, Smore, and Symbaloo.  I was inside a pinball machine.  One person who I asked to read my blog kindly warned me to slow down.  She mentioned she thought I was doing so much and I responded by “No, I can handle this”.  Heh, heh, heh, little did I know.

Well, that was not the case.  I needed to slow down to explore and digest what I was doing and why.  I jumped in full force with Twitter and received so many ideas that I felt was so behind the times.  I was a teacher who was not connected and didn’t even have a PLN.  So the rush was on.  

Now, I have decided to slow myself down and concentrate on a few areas.  One is a PLN.  I will continue to use Twitter to connect and learn.  In the past, it was difficult to find someone to connect and share with, but now Twitter has made that so much easier for me.  This is an place where I can continue to  grow as a teacher.

Another site that I will continue using is Smore.   I have been communicating once a month with the parents through Smore with success.  Basically, I created on-line newsletters for parents which includes ideas and information in regards to reading.  I covered topics such as reluctant readers and provided sites and book lists to aid reading at home.

Now I am going to extend my communication further by personalizing the newsletters.  This may be taking on too much, but the idea does sound good.  I had trouble attempting a classroom blog since I have a pull-out reading program.  Therefore, I have decided to publish the students work, strategies, and comments according to grades through Smore.

Going as slow as a snail may be a good thing.  As teachers we are pleased when students complete their work at an appropriate pace with few in any errors.  This is advice I need to heed.  I should not go quickly, but move slowly in order to learn and succeed.  I even learned how to insert a picture into the blog.  A step at a time. 

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