“Learn, Unlearn, Relearn”

I recently watched a “Girls” episode about growing up, letting go and moving on.  Right now i am a bit beyond middle age, at least i hope i am.  Lord knows i do not want to live into my hundreds.  But anyhow, this made me look at my life.  Am i changing and evolving or just staying in place, remaining in hold and not willing to move?

I prefer to believe i am not stagnating.  I am open to new things and still am very curious.  There is always hesitation or fear, but as i age that is beginning to diminish.  Not really quite sure if that comes with age or wisdom.  Ah, i think it comes with age because there are days when i don’t feel wise.  I am going somewhere with these ruminations.

This all leads me to a tweet i read from the Reading Summit 2015 in San Diego, CA.  The tweet quoted Adria Klein that we, as teachers, need to “learn, unlearn, relearn.”  We need to be lifelong learners who unlearn and relearn.   I found such comfort with this quote.  To me teaching was remembering and using everything that you have ever learned.  It was to be ‘educated’ and ‘knowledgeable’ within your field.  You were to know everything in order to teach.  However, today that is an impossibility.

Currently, i find myself wanting to learn, unlearn and relearn.  Through twitter I am building my PLN.  It has been a wonderful experience that has opened my eyes to so much within the sea of education.  Yes, i have been frustrated, and felt i don’t know jack (pardon me). There is always doubt and then I realize i do know what i am doing. There is so much out there to learn, unlearn and relearn just trust yourself and your PLN.

If we want our students to learn and grow, so why not us?  We owe it to our students and our profession to learn, unlearn, relearn so that we can be the best we can be.  Which is what we want from our students.  To be the best they can be as they “learn, unlearn, and relearn”.

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