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Simplest Pleasures Bring Such Joy

A sense of accomplishment–what a comfort.  I just published our first student blog.  This venture always appeared to be difficult.  How would my students gain access to the computer since I do not have one other than my laptop?  How would the younger ones be able to type their stories within out time frame since it is a pull-out program?

Yes, concerns existed especially since I feel antiquated at times.  A pull-out program with only seeing students twice a week.  How will this blog work with those restraints?  Well, basically there are restraints, but the major one was me.  I failed to see the ease which this goal could be accomplished.

Last week, I mentioned how I was moving at a snail’s pace and some of this was due to panic and not knowing how to proceed. Then, a revelation came to light.

I am blogging for the reason to reflect and learn.  It may have an underlying reason to be recognized by someone famous.  Oooo!   But, no, the bottom line is to become a better teacher.  Asking myself, what can I do as a teacher to increase my students love of learning and motivation?  A student blog is one of my goals.

So, I posted first grader stories on the blog and then sent the blog site to their parents hoping for comments.  I was so excited when I received confirmation from the parents and then one posted a comment on her child’s story.  When I saw that student he was so excited.  The smile on his face made my decision to pursue the blog worthwhile.

In the end, what we do as teachers is for the students, not for us.  Our focus must always be how we can help them learn and grow.  It is our goal when choosing this profession and at times, I feel the profession picks us because the simplest pleasure in life bring us such joy!  Teaching is filled with so many pleasures like a proud smile from a student who accomplished a simple task.