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Connected Educator Month is not going well, but that is according to my standards, which I usually set high. I find that a problem with connecting is connecting. This is my first year building a PLN with Twitter and I believe I am expecting too much. I have connected with some wonderful teachers, but it is all going all too slow for me. I just need to breathe and recognize all the goals I have set for myself and all the projects I have started at the same time. Yikes!

I must admit that I took a plunge and expected great things as always. Things have been slow, but they are building and I need to be patient. The self-imposed pressure to tweet the correct words that will spark others interest in heavy,  pressure not to come across too strong and pressure not to sound like a complete fool. This is all so nerveracking.

Hiding behind the screen seems easy, but it is not. You need to make the contacts as you do in life. You need to put yourself out there. All the so-called rules also apply to the chats and Twitter, but I think that the screen adds some confidence for people, but not for me. It appears that my personality and doubts are following me onto the web.

This has all been eye opening for me. You find out who you are as a teacher and it is humbling and yet empowering. The tweets and connections I made have made me feel stronger as a teacher. Every now and then we need a boost of confidence and the connections I am making are doing that, but if only I could….